Project Description


The Brief

Private equity company SeaStock Pty Ltd was established in 2021 with a focus on researching and developing methane busting native seaweed Asparagopsis into a feed supplement for ruminant livestock.

The Company successfully applied for a license to IP holder FutureFeed, becoming the first West Australian and third Australian licensee granted permission to commercialise Asparagopsis.

Spoke’s task was to highlight this achievement, placing a spotlight on the company and its Managing Director Tom Puddy in the emerging technology and agribusiness sectors, to excite investors and tell the Company story to a wide audience.

Our Approach

  • Spoke deployed a team of two media and communications experts to deliver the project.
  • The licensee story was developed and pitched exclusively to a leading West Australian agricultural publication with media stable syndication opportunities.
  • Once the exclusive story was published, Spoke rolled out the media campaign across Australia to a range of leading mainstream, agricultural, education and business media outlets
  • In response to changing government policy in Western Australia regarding Asparagopsis collection and sampling, the Spoke team revised and refined the strategy , ensuring it could be executed successfully when circumstances allowed
  • Engaged with key stakeholders and partners of SeaStock including FutureFeed and Flinders University to develop a media campaign strategy, including a united approach to delivery that involved talent representing each organisation.

The Results

  • Local, regional and national media exposure for SeaStock, with a total cross-platform potential reach of almost 4.5 million people, as a result of Spoke’s targeted media campaign.
  • Coverage included an exclusive front page picture story in the Countryman newspaper, which was syndicated across the Geraldton Guardian, Pilbara News, Mid West Times and West Australian websites.
  • WA’s leading agricultural radio news broadcaster ABC Country Hour led its bulletin with an 11-minute interview of Tom Puddy, which led to Asparagopsis being discussed on two subsequent broadcasts in successive days and being featured on ABC’s statewide Breakfast program.
  • Stories in respected agricultural publications including Farm Weekly, Farming Ahead, AgJournal, as well as business and industry publications including Business News Australia, AUManufacturing, the Flinders University blog and FutureFeed website.
  • Successfully raised the profile of SeaStock and its Managing Director and triggered a flurry of investor interest to the Company, as well as helping expedite research and development negotiations.
  • Campaign declared by FutureFeed as the best media exposure any of its licensees had received.
  • Extensive media coverage across print, broadcast and online mediums.

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March 2022

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