Project Description


The Brief

With the drastically different operating environment created by COVID-19, what was planned to be a people-attending seminar, was no longer possible and had to be re-planned. The project required Spoke to work out a plan to take a complex, yet highly innovative piece of software to market – think hospitals, government customer service centres – pretty much anywhere there is a high demand for language translation services.

Our Approach

With crowded places no longer a possibility, Spoke came up with a digital alternative that allowed the client to demonstrate the benefits of using its language interpreting software powered by Boostlingo – to introduce the software to businesses and individuals. The new plan that was devised included recording and producing a Q&A style video between Perdaman Global Services CEO Noelene Murray and Boostlingo co-founder Dieter Runge. Due to social distancing restrictions, the filming took place remotely using video conferencing software and was edited and produced off-site.

The Results

  • Perdaman Global Services was able to educate their audience about The Perdaman Platform at a time that was pivotal to the growth of their product and service in the market, despite the limitations
  • A strong marketing asset was developed and produced which can be used across multiple channels in the future for introducing The Perdaman Platform and Boostlingo to potential new clients
  • The video was sent out to over 1,000 targeted recipients via an EDM and shared across LinkedIn and Facebook
  • 1,000+ video views across YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn

Project Details


Perdaman Global Services


April 2020

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