Project Description


The Brief

Stepping fast toward pioneering Australia’s first commercial-scale renewable diesel project in regional WA, joint venture business FutureEnergy Australia (FEA) was on the cusp of making its Final Investment Decision (FID) on a multi-million dollar production facility. In a market saturated with news and information focused on the emergence of hydrogen and electrification, FEA needed a different outlet to communicate its unique story developing a product to help meet energy needs during the transition. Spoke was engaged to deliver a series of short films to educate the local community and key stakeholders.

Our Approach

  • Deployed a team of 4 media, videography and production specialists to oversee the delivery of pre-production, filming and postproduction
  • Conducted expert storyboarding, script writing and presentation advice to assist talent perform optimally in front of camera
  • Sought relevant permissions to film on a combination of public and private land, with contingencies put in place if circumstances led to planning changes
  • Prepared detailed schedule, shot list, day sheets and contact details to assist seamless on-ground and airborne activity during filming
  • Wrangled and managed a list of key talent, preparing them for interview and ensuring key messages were communicated
  • Established new digital mediums such as YouTube channels to help expand reach of the films once published
  • Used films to communicate to a wide range of stakeholders – investors, feedstock suppliers, offtakers, the agriculture sector, government and local community

The Results

  • Seamless planning and project management led to highly professional series produced, encompassing a 60-second teaser video and full five minute film
  • Built in animation added variety to the shot selection and brought static images to life
  • Assisted in client reaching an MOU with a major energy generator and supplier to explore project scaling around regional WA
  • Excellent participation and resharing rate among influencers, including Shire presidents, agricultural leaders, government departments and energy sector professionals
  • Added a new element to Company presentations and stakeholder engagement in line with the desired outcomes of project being used as an educational tool.

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