Well, there’s an election result that everyone saw coming.

The only problem was that everyone saw it coming last time we went to the federal polls and we were wrong, so not too many of us were brave enough to speak up until the fat lady (or fat old guys in this case) had sung.

Anyway, we’ve got a clear result, new shades of red, teal and green on the political map, and life goes on despite the fact that even within the non-aligned walls of The Yield editorial office, some people are gloating and others are licking their conservative wounds.

And as much as we try to remain politically unaligned, we do have some public relations advice for the newly demoted Coalition.

In the wash up, if you realise you lost the election largely due to Australian women providing a loud and clear sign they’ve had enough of middle-aged white blokes and their arrogant, misogynistic attitudes, is it wise to appoint one of these same white blokes as your party leader?

But enough of that – it’s old news now and here at The Yield, we’re all about the new news.

Like the IPO landscape. That’s Initial Public Offerings – one of the more common paths companies take on their way to listing on the Australian Securities Exchange and other bourses around the world.

In 2021, the road to listing was lined with gold as investors fell over one another to sink their hard-earned into companies across a swag of industry sectors. That saw some 240 successful IPOs and a few public company directors buying bigger boats and faster cars.

The road appears to be a little more rugged and less sparkly this year.

We armed The Yield’s latest but well credentialled recruit Josh Lewis with the newsroom binoculars and field guide to IPOs, then sent him out into the IPO wilderness to see what he could find.

As expected, it wasn’t all that pretty, but amidst the rack and ruin of the listing battlefield, there are a few discernible strongholds. READ MORE

One of those is critical minerals. And despite some select wording from Goldman Sachs, along the lines of “the bubble has burst”, unleashing a firestorm of untold proportions on global lithium stocks recently, it seems there’s still a very long way to go for anything battery or electric vehicle related. After all, when it comes down to it, real supply and demand should be what drives economic performance, not words from manipulative Wall Street bankers.

Osprey Minerals is one company in the right place at the right time. With its promising copper and critical minerals play in the East Kimberley region (and everyone, everywhere needs copper and various other key elements on the Periodic Table), Osprey is one of the smaller number of companies seeing merit in targeting a listing later this year.

The Yield’s gun reporter Jessica Gabites finds out how Osprey intends to take flight. READ MORE

Like any company aiming for ASX land, Osprey will certainly need to ensure its marketing and communications offerings are in order.

As an ageing and somewhat politically incorrect advertising sales guy used to tell me, “ineffective marketing is like winking at a girl in the dark.”

What he meant was that unless a company tells its story effectively, the investors won’t know it even exists.

Our columnist Josh Nyman caught up with Melbourne-headquartered Collier Creative, a branding and digital communications specialist agency that has helped more than a few IPO-hopefuls look the part and tell the story effectively. READ MORE

Finally, we thought that with the end of financial year fast approaching, we should provide some insights into what the ATO might have its binoculars focused on when we lodge our tax returns after the end of the month.

Of course, anyone who’s tried to pick up the phone and ask the ATO what they’ll be scrutinising this time round will know they won’t reveal a lot (and will probably flag you for an audit). So, we once again turned to the professionals from accounting firm Butler Settineri, who know how to diplomatically extract such information from the tax authority.

Our rising journalistic star Marissa Taddeo got the lowdown from a couple of Butler Settineri’s accounting gurus. READ MORE

We think we’ve managed to pull together a fairly jam-packed and informative issue and hope you think so too.

So, until next month – when we preview the annual Diggers & Dealers conference and shine our spotlight on the junior mining sector – we wish you well.

Happy reading!