Stand out and stay relevant

There may be restrictions which limit our event capabilities, however innovation and creativity allow us to still engage with our audiences and continue, as best as possible.

Today there is a range of virtual event opportunities through the form of Webinars, to ensure you remain relevant and maintain longevity during this challenging period.

Here are some current recommendations:

Live Webinars

Hosting a Live Webinar allows businesses to engage with their audiences in real-time and get instant analytics on their behaviour, allowing participants the opportunity to provide direct feedback and seek curated training on a particular service.

Simulive Webinars

Ever wanted to host a webinar but never got the chance due to technological anxiety or the dreaded ‘What if’ factor? A Simulive Webinar allows you to pre-record all or parts of the webinar, with the ability to also edit multiple presentations together. Once the session is completed, your business can switch to a live Q&A format, allowing participants direct access to talent and to be involved in real-time discussions.

OnDemand Webinars

To demonstrate value out of the webinar process and assist in creating evergreen content, the OnDemand Webinar is a great format to achieve both. This option allows your business to sustain interactivity and set alerts to follow up on any questions asked while audiences watch on demand. You’ll also be able to continue to gather engagement analytics to maximise results.

Get Creative

Of course, the technology is just one part of the equation. Make sure your content is relevant, valuable and just a bit different to what others are doing. Try to steer clear of the monotonous online PowerPoint narrative and remember creative ideas play a big part in capturing attention and maintaining engagement. In other words, think a little outside the box and deliver something that will stick in people’s minds.

Keen to know more?

Spoke has a range of innovative webinar options and creative ideas to ensure you stay relevant to your clients.