Move over Facebook – get your mining insights here

While Facebook either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that audiences matter and media organisations, like other businesses, deserve to operate profitably, fortunately there are plenty of mining companies that do.

We met some of them at the RIU Explorers Conference in Fremantle this week. We also sat down with a couple of miners to get the dirt (as we say in the mining world) on their projects.

Neither Pan Asia Metals nor Black Rock Mining are likely to be offering Zuck a position on their boards or strategic advisory roles any time soon, but they could both offer him a bit of Business 101 advice.

Like how to build relationships where they matter, attract strategic investment, keep operating costs low and identify opportunities that are likely to provide good returns for shareholders.

Pan Asia Metals Managing Director Paul Lock explains how his company’s focus on the South East Asian tin and tungsten belt has unearthed three very promising projects in Thailand. The focus is now on shoring up some of the pointy-end details with a view to developing low-cost, high yielding mining operations.

Tanzania has a bit more to offer than Serengeti National Park and wildlife safaris, as Black Rock Mining and its strategic investor POSCO have discovered. Black Rock Managing Director and CEO John De Vries gives us the lowdown on the road ahead for developing the much-lauded Mahenge graphite project.

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