Looking back on the year of The Yield

Over 2021, The Yield has had the good fortune to hear from a broad range of company leaders from across the spectrum of business. We recount some of our favourite articles from throughout the year. 

The past year has been an interesting one to say the least. While COVID-19 lingered on, numerous Australian business sectors performed remarkably well, focus started to shift from the nation’s strong reliance on trading partner China, and certain media dictatorships threw some social media spanners into the works. 

At The Yield, we maintained our strong focus on primary resources sectors but saw a definite shift in areas of focus. That was both geographic and commodity-related, with ASX-listed explorers maintaining strong focuses on battery and other non-base metals, and investors appearing more open to newer mining markets. 

We chatted to the head of Pan Asia Metals about lithium and tungsten projects in Thailand, and followed with interest the rise and rise of Black Rock Mining, which secured a strategic investment from South Korean steelmaking giant POSCO. 

Later in the year, we also got the lowdown on QMines. While its focus is more traditional metals, the company has declared it will be the country’s first net zero carbon footprint gold-copper producer. 

Switching the focus from pits to paddocks, we learned about the ways in which agri-food success story Wide Open Agriculture is approaching more sustainable farming practices and plant proteins. 

Facebook responded to Australian media and government pressure that it should pay for news broadcast on its platform by putting an abrupt stop to it altogether, but then proceeded to do deals with media outlets to re-secure that news. We talked to a media expert to understand what happened and why. 

And COVID happened – again and again and again. When it had become blatantly obvious that the persistent virus was not going away and vaccinations were just part of the puzzle, we happened upon diagnostic test specialist Microbio, which had developed an innovative PCR test that works differently to others on the market. The test has gained clearance in the European Union and India and promises a point of departure or arrival testing option that could identify infections and allow authorities to stop them in their tracks before the spread.   

Rumours, government decisions and market responses abounded about Australia’s hard line against China – and China’s equally hard-line responses. Like many others, we wondered what lay ahead, so we trotted along to the Asian Engagement Summit to find out what the experts had to say.  

That’s just a taste of what 2021 had to offer. We’ll be hitting a more regular publishing schedule and covering a whole lot more topics in 2022 – and we’re looking forward to bringing our news and views to you.