Interest compounds and confounds on rate hikes, investment options and emission control

Welcome to the first issue of The Yield for 2022 – and a belated Happy New Year!

Like many around the traps, most of us set some well-intentioned new year’s resolutions when the clock ticked over. But like many others, most of those resolutions have fallen by the wayside.

We were saddened at how quickly the vows to get fit, lose weight, be more charitable or generally be nicer to others petered out. However, rather than lament the losses for too long, we turned our hard-nosed investigative minds to questioning why and how often such resolutions end with a vague “try again next year” commitment.

Our deep-dive research revealed a somewhat concerning statistic that a massive 92 per cent of people’s resolutions will fail by the end of January. And the predominant reason is because there’s a lack of accountability. In other words, we tend to make these promises to ourselves without setting deadlines or involving others who might help keep us on task.

Fortunately at The Yield, there are deadlines and editors to keep us focused and accountable. More importantly, we’re genuinely interested in what the markets are doing and what the experts have to say.

That’s why we watched with interest as the Reserve Bank Governor revealed…nothing particularly interesting. So then we started scouring the news for some informed commentary on what no change in interest rates means. And it seems the general consensus is that we’re in somewhat of a calm before the fiscal storm hits. Multiple rate rises starting as early as June, some say, although not to the extent that we’ll need to brace for a spate of mortgage sales in the outer suburbs just yet.

Nevertheless, we got inquisitive so sought some more informed advice from our good mate Chris Smith, financial advisor extraordinaire to the stars (we’re not sure which stars – that’s privileged information – but we’re fairly certain there’ll be some among his client mix).

In fact, we hit the record button during our Zoom meeting so our readers and watchers and listeners could get the words right from the horse’s mouth on how these looming interest rate rises might sway the general investment mood over coming months. Fortunately, Chris says it’s not likely to be all that bad. So we’ll continue to sleep soundly at night for the time being. WATCH VIDEO.

It’s no secret that we love a good yarn on the sustainability front, and long-time friend of The Yield First Graphene has yet another one to tell. In fact, the company is making some serious headway in multiple areas when it comes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

In particular, the days of dirty cement production are cooked. First Graphene’s disruptive solutions are certainly stirring the proverbial mixer, helping the cement and concrete industries address the 8 per cent of overall evil gas emissions they currently pump into the atmosphere. It’s exciting stuff. READ MORE.

Coincidentally, 8 per cent is not only the proportion of carbon dioxide emissions attributed to the cement industry. On a far more positive note, it’s also the share of new year’s resolutions that succeed.

And while we at The Yield are unlikely to be fitter, thinner or standing out for unprecedented acts of philanthropy by the end of 2022, the 8 per cent of successful resolutions we are focused on mean we’ll be keeping our fingers on the pulse to bring you the latest and greatest insights every month.

Happy reading!