Innovative solar technology for remote WA projects

06 October 21

Western Australian clean energy technology company, CDI Energy has launched its innovative Rapid Solar Module, enabling remote commercial and industrial operators to drastically offset their diesel consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.

CDI Energy’s propriety technology is up to 30 per cent more cost effective than its competitors, allowing the company to drastically cut installation costs and install times on ground mount solar projects.

The RSM – which has already been installed in half a dozen regional locations across WA – results in the lowest cost of solar energy in the Australia market, requiring a smaller footprint and faster installation time frames than traditional fixed-axis systems.

Established in 2016, CDI Energy services the Pilbara, Kimberley, Gascoyne and Goldfields regions, providing renewable solutions to clients including businesses in the mining, agricultural and government sectors.

CDI Energy’s CEO and Founder Darryl Bower said the latest technology was the newest, smartest and fastest way to install ground mounted PV.

“Generating 2 to 3 times more energy from the same amount of land than conventional fixed tilt or single axis tracking solutions, our RSM is quick to install with a minimal land footprint,” explained Mr Bower.

Proudly produced entirely in WA, the RSM requires minimal preparation time as modules are prefabricated in CDI Energy’s workshop in Perth before they are transported to site.

“We are very excited to be able to provide this technology to our customers and help them on their journey as they transition to renewables,” he said.

The system has been designed to deliver maximum outcomes with minimum impact. Panel railings and layout provide ease of access to conduct bespoke maintenance and repairs.

“The RSM is completely scalable for tailored energy requirements. It can also be easily dismantled and re-deployed to a new site if no longer needed, making them particularly beneficial to our mining clients,” explained Mr Bower.

“Our clean energy options are designed to instantly reduce operating expenses. We also have rental options for clients so we can build, own and operate the energy asset so there is no upfront capital required.”

The RSM can be rapidly deployed on site at rates of up to 100kW per day, integrated in the complete solar farm solution, producing PV energy sooner than conventional solar.

CDI Energy was created as a new division of its parent company, CDI Electrics which was founded in 2009. The clean energy technology company has a team of more than 30 energy specialists.

The company’s clean energy options are designed to provide an alternative energy source through hybrid solutions such as PV, wind and energy storage.

CDI Energy provides customers with a wide range of clean energy power solutions such as micro grids, standalone power systems, energy storage systems, hybrid systems and commercial PV systems.