Borders, business and big sustainability moves

Just prior to writing this editorial, WA Premier Mark McGowan revealed when the West will finally tear down the COVID-proof wall.

Unlike many of State Daddy’s previous press conferences, he got straight to the point and announced within seconds that from 12.01am on Saturday, 5 February 2022, the State will once again be open for fully vaccinated business, pleasure and family reunification.

We’re not averse to getting to the point, but we also like a bit of memorable drama, or at least a line that has the potential to go down in history. Ronald Reagan’s “Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall” springs to mind. Although to be fair, Marky Mark was playing more of a Gorbachev role than a Reagan one in this particular circumstance.

But that’s not the point. While he might have a cereal named after him, no one can readily rattle off three or four juicy McGowan quotes like they can for JFK or Winston Churchill.

The Yield team will happily offer our services to draft up a few memorable one-liners for illustrious leaders to keep on hand should the moment arise to make history.

Speaking of making history, 2021 has been a year of highs and lows. Historically high commodity prices for miners, for example, while farmers are bringing in bumper crops and attracting beef prices like never before. It sets a formidable stage for the year ahead – and we did a bit of digging to analyse what that could mean for business heading into 2022.

It’s hard to consider the year that was without the C-word being involved, but conscious that a lot of people switch off when they hear it, we found a replacement.

COP26 that is. The culmination of lots of argy-bargy around coal, fossil fuels, combustion and unnecessary waste. But we’re pleased to say the sorts of organisations we rub shoulders with at The Yield are well ahead of the game.

They don’t need international, United Nations-driven events to get on the front foot when it comes to improving sustainability. We consider some of the moves that were made on that front throughout the year.

And just to kiss The Yield year that was a proper goodbye, we’ve done a quick recap of some of our favourite stories from the past 12 months. Not all of them, but enough to show there’s some breadth and a bit of depth in what we cover.

So that’s a wrap. We wish everyone a wonderful and safe festive season, and as borders continue to open and businesses pull up the blinds a bit more, we hope 2022 is a prosperous one indeed.

Of course, we’ll need to spend our break penning plenty of inspirational one-liners in case there’s a rush on them by world leaders looking to grow their popularity.

Happy reading – until next year,