Borders, bosses, barramundi and Bitcoin

The headline’s not entirely accurate, but who’d let the hard facts get in the way of some nice alliteration?

Not us at The Yield anyway. That’s not to say it’s fictitious – in fact all of those things are loosely involved. It’s just that the barramundi is used to reference a far broader range of quality WA seafood and it’s the first decent fish starting with B that came to mind.

As for Bitcoin, we’re actually talking about cryptocurrencies in general – and there’s myriad bouncing around the ether these days – but everyone knows the Big B was one of the first.

Anyway, on with the show.

Welcome to the March issue of The Yield. True to our word, we’re getting the jump and getting March out closer to the start of the month than the end. And what a month it is!

Western Australia has done what East Germany did way back in ‘89 – metaphorically at least – and finally thrown open its borders to the rest of the world. We didn’t have to tear down any walls or even cut holes in the rabbit proof fence. There are already holes in the fence because it certainly isn’t rabbit-proof in any way.

But the flights are coming in, the hoarders are stockpiling RAT tests and the State is poised for an influx from the East and over the seas.

So what is that going to mean for businesses that have made all sorts of adjustments over the past two years to cope with closed borders and COVID restrictions? Yes, there are still restrictions but they’ll dissipate. So do we have to undo all those adjustments? Or have we forced irreversible changes to people’s DNA?

Apparently you can’t undo millions of years of evolution quite that fast, according to our mate and business coach extraordinaire Rob Bentley, who says while Zoom and Teams meetings might have shown many of us that there is a new and more cost-effective way, we’re not likely to completely discard the idea of work trips or discredit the value of face-to-face catch-ups entirely. READ MORE

We thought for this issue we’d try out a new video series where we pose three questions to three leaders. We’ve thoughtfully titled it “3Qs for 3 Leaders” and in this case, the heading does reflect our intentions.

And in a subtle reference to International Women’s Day on 8 March (which is no longer subtle because I’m pointing it out), we thought we’d start with three leaders who happen to be women. They’re the bosses referred to in the less factual headline at the top of this article in case that point wasn’t obvious. And they share some great insights into leadership and the journey to the top. WATCH VIDEO

We’ve covered the back stories for a few companies doing IPOs and capital raisings in past issues of The Yield, but they’ve typically been junior miners looking to fund their drilling and digging. And there’s nothing wrong with that – we love it when a good mining yarn lands on the news desk.

But it was particularly exciting when we cast out and managed to hook the story of longstanding WA family business Catalano’s Seafood, which is destined for the bright lights and big times of the ASX when the Company lists this month. READ MORE

It was a tantalising and mouth-watering thought that we might soon see more high-quality seafood on the supermarket shelves and we even considered cracking into The Yield piggybank and snapping up some shares.

But the IPO was already fully subscribed and besides, someone had traded all our petty cash for cryptocurrency. Because it’s easy to do – you just have to pop down to the nearest newsagent and Bob’s your Bitcoin uncle.

That got us thinking about the implications of having our assets “out there” (wherever “there” might be). It was all too confusing so we once again turned to the experts. And Ryan Taddeo of Butler Settineri was our expert of choice.

It was a good call, because (not that we did or ever would) even if we’d vaguely entertained the idea of hiding our assets in cyberspace or making dubious trades in alternative currencies, we could find ourselves in strife with the taxperson. As Ryan explains, the ATO has its finger on the pulse and will no doubt come knocking if we don’t deal with our crypto transactions in the correct way. READ MORE

And that’s about it. Read on, watch, enjoy and learn.

Happy reading (and viewing),